King’s Fall Raid How to Defeat Warpriest Challenge Destiny Age of Triumph Update


In this guide we will show you how to defeat the warpriest challenge in King’s Fall Raid Age of Triumph Update. The King’s Fall raid is the third 3rd one with light level 390 and different challenges to overcome. The King’s fall raid has 3 challenges that you will need to complete, but in this guide will focus on how to defeat the warpriest challenge and the different mechanism that you will need to implement.

When you reach the warpriest the challenge consist in every member in the fireteam to get the aurora only once and each one to follow to getting it at the same time.

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  • Divide team in two  (3 teams)
  • Clear ads
  • Kill the wizard
  • Kil the yellow knight and step on the plates after you kill the yellow knight
  • The red shield is to kill ads as they come out
  • Once you have them half health
  • Weapons to use: Sniper rifle (Black Spindel, black spindle, devils dawnm, sleeper

Take a look at the below video that shows you  step by step on completing the warpriest challenge:


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