King’s Fall Raid How to Defeat Oryx Challenge Destiny Age of Triumph Update


In this guide will provide you in Destiny King’s Fall Raid how to defeat Oryx challenge in age of triumph update. In the Age of Triumph update the raid is set to be 390 light and raises the light to fight against bosses in which you will face off Oryx challenge at 390 light and we will providing a complete strategy guide. In this guide will show you how to figure out the Oryx challenge and what you will need to do to complete it and the different mechanics that you will have to overcome.

When you complete the King’s Fall raid Oryx challenge in age of triumph you will be rewarded with 400 light gear and weapons that have the new ornaments and make the gear look great and the armor too. We will provide you with a complete step by step strategy guide of how you can defeat the Oryx challenge in King’s Fall Raid Age of Triumph update.

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Destiny How to Complete ORYX CHALLENGE KINGS FALL Raid 390 ORYX Challenge Guide AOT


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