Destiny Top Vendor Weapons to Purchase (April 18 – 24) Age of Triumph


Here are the Destiny Top Vendor Weapons that you can purchase from the weekly reset of April 18 to April 24 in Age of Triumph. Getting a good weapon to do PVP or PVE and even the raid is a key to successfully completing it. But if you don’t have a good weapon to use then I have great news as the weekly reset for vendors during April 18 to 24 has some great weapons that you should take advance of and purchase them  before they go away. These weapons will not only help you in PVE but help you greatly in PVP and the raid. Below you can find the Destiny Top Vendor Weapons to Purchase for this week.

Future War Cult Vendor – The Wounded Scout Rifle


  • MD-Reflex
  • Range lens
  • OEG rfilescope
  • Hight caliber rounds
  • Full Auto
  • Hammer Forged
  • Outlaw

Dead Orbit – Unto Dust OO Rocket Launcher


  • Field Scout
  • Heavy payload
  • Tripod
  • Cluster Bomb

Dead Orbit – Extremophile 011 Auto Rifle


  • MD Reflex
  • Quick Draw Is
  • OEG
  • High Caliber Rounds
  • Hip Fire
  • Perfect Balance
  • Counterbalance

Crucible Quartermaster – 44 Curtain call Shotgun


  • Samarth Drift Control
  • Field Choke
  • Soft Balistics
  • Replenish
  • Life Support
  • Reinforced Barrel
  • Perfect Balance
  • Rangefinder

Let me know which weapon you purchase or if you got a different one from the list above.


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