Destiny How to Get 15 Ammo with the Sleeper Simulant Fusion Rifle


How to get 15 Ammo with the Sleeper Simulant Fusion Rifle

In this guide we will show you in Destiny How to get 15 Ammo with the Sleeper Simulant Fusion Rifle. The Sleeper Simulant is a good fusion rifle to take down bosses in the any of the raid such King’s Fall, Vault of Glass due to the capacity of getting 15 ammo in it but how do we are able to get 15 ammo with this weapon.

You can get 15 ammo with the sleeper simulant with any of your 3 characters (Warlock, Hunter and Titan), now the only thing with getting this much ammo is that you are required to be a Year 1 Destiny player. Now if you meet the requirement you will need to do the following steps to help you get 15 ammo.

  • Head to the Tower and go to your Kiosk
  • Warlock Class – Pick up Heart of the Praxic Fire chest armor
  • Hunter Class – Pick up Lucky rasberry chest armor
  • Titan Class – Pick up The Armamentarium chest armor

You can take a look at the video below which goes into details too

The reason why you will need to pick up the above chest armor because those allow you to carry extra fusion ammo and give you Heavy Weapon Ammo too. What these two perks allow you to do with the combination of the chest armor is that allows you to get 15 ammo in your arsenal. The only downfall is that you will be lower light on it but the good news is that you can switch to any other gear set with hight light level (400) and you will be set and keep 15 ammo. As soon as you use a synth you will have the 15 ammo.

Let me know what you think about the 15 ammo for the Sleeper Simulant also have you try it and let me know how you like it?


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