Destiny How to Complete Aksis Challenge Age of Triumph Wrath of the Machine


This guide shows you how to complete Aksis Challenge in Age of Triumph Wrath of the Machine.

In this guide we will help you in Destiny how to complete Aksis challenge for Age of Triumph Wrath of the Machine Raid which is set at 390 and you will be able to get new gear with light 400 and new ornaments to go along with you gear. We will be providing you with the tips and tricks to completing the Aksis Challenge and all the mechanics that you need to know to be able to advance through the boss fight and continue with the raid and open the chest. You will also have a chance to get adept weapons for wrath of the machine raid when defeating Aksis challenge.

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Follow our complete guide below that will help you defeat Aksis. We will be bringing to you what you need to know to completing it as soon as we are able to play the game at reset.

Destiny HOW TO Defeat AKSIS CHALLENGE Mode Heroic – WRATH OF THE MACHINE Challenge Mode


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