Destiny Best Vendor Weapons to purchase – Week of April 11 with god Rolls


Best Destiny Vendor weapons to purchase for week of April 11th

Another week in Destiny and this time around we have the Vendor Weapons that you can purchase for the week of April 11 that have god rolls or close to it that you can get. This week in particular there are some nice hand cannons and auto rifles and a nice pulse rifle that can get you to look at twice and make that purchase. Do take a look below at the weapons that we recommend for you to purchase for Destiny Vendor Reset for the week of April 11th.

First lets go visit the Vanguard Quartermaster who has “The Continental” with amazing rolls that you don’t want to pass out on a nice auto rifle.

We visit next the Future War Cult that has a very nice Pulse Rifle that you should buy and that is “The Waltz” that comes with perfect balance, third eye, counter balance.

Lets move now to the Crucible Quartermaster and he has “The Palindrome” with sureshots, outlaw. Not a bad rolls for the Palindrone hand cannon.

I hope that these weapons from the vendor reset helps you with your pvp matches and get ahead of your opponents!


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