Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons Revealed so far (SMG, Auto Riffle, Hand Cannon)


    Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons Confirmed so far

    So much hype in the Destiny Community and today we are going to talk about Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons that have been revealed so far in the game at the Destiny 2 event in Hawthorne California.

    We have some reveals on the SMG, Auto Riffle and Hand Cannons that you will be able to acquire during the beta when it releases later this summer. Unless things change from the build that we played at Destiny 2 event then you will get to acquire those weapons. For now lets take a look at the below Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons: If you want more about Destiny 2 then take a look at the Abilities of each class.

    Destiny 2 Hand cannon – Sunshot

    Destiny 2 SMG – Riskrunner

    Destiny 2 Auto Rifle – Sweet Business


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